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Child Safe Standards

All organisations that provide services or facilities to children, are required to comply with National and State Child Safe Standards. 

A copy of the National Standards are attached for you to download, and which can be found at: https://childsafe.humanrights.gov.au/national-principles.

For various State Child Safe Standards, visit the relevant state office of child protection.

To assist churches and providers of services to children, CCCVAT has drafted a set of policies and guidelines, attached, which list the individual standards, codes of conduct and reporting obligations of providers.

If you require advice on any matter or training, contact Ann Morison at ann@cccvat.com.au
National-Principles-for-Child-Safe-Organisations2019.pdf - 1042 KB Sample-Children-Young-and-Vulenerable-People-Safety-Standards-Code-of-Conduct-Document.docx - 25 KB Sample-Children-Young-and-Vulnerable-People-Safety-Standards-Policy-Document.docx - 25 KB Sample-Mandatory-Reporting-and-Reportable-Conduct-Policy-and-Procedures-for-Child-Safety-Document.docx - 132 KB The-Child-Safe-Standards.pdf - 111 KB
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