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CCCVaT and CCCVaT School Support Services are not-for-profit operations which rely upon support from numerous sources including the CBT, Genesis Foundation, Inspire, Churches, Government, Corporate and individual donations.

If you are able to provide financial support as a one off or on an ongoing basis it would be greatly appreciated. Your contribution will enable us to maintain and expand our services.

You may either make a general donation to CCCVaT or CCCVaT School Support Services or a specific donation on behalf of a CCCVaT Ministry, Grant or a donation on behalf of a School Chaplain.

If making a donation please specify if it is a one off or ongoing, if it is for CCCVaT or CCCVaT School Support Services and who and what it is for in the space provided after clicking the 'Donate Now' button.

NOTE: CCCVaT School Support Services has applied for Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR), which when awarded will enable donors who make donations on behalf of School Chaplains to claim a tax deduction. Until this has been awarded no donations to whatever entity or for whatever purpose are tax deductible.

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