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These guidelines and policy are to define the church’s protocols and use of social media to ensure consistency and conformity of the message whether written, via audio or visual and, to mitigate damage to the Christian faith and organisation’s reputation.
They apply to all communication published by the church over social media platforms. They are not intended to apply to communication transmitted via church channels to specific addresses not viewable by the public or in the public domain.
The guideline and policy do not apply to the private social media of employees, volunteers and attendee’s where they do not purport to represent the church in any capacity, manner or reference the church. Employees, volunteers and attendees are solely responsible for their private content posted online. 

Continuous Improvement: CCCVaT Ministries Ltd aims to ensure this policy-guideline template is the best available and encourages you to recommend where is can be improved. If you are aware of any legislation or pending legislation that will need or will be needed to be addressed, please advise us.  
Licence: CCCVaT Ministries Ltd licence’s this policy for use by Christian Community Churches in Australia and Para-Church Organisations.
Disclaimer: Whilst all due care is taken in the drafting of this policy, CCCVaT Ministries Ltd accepts no responsibility for spelling or grammatical errors, omissions and failures to address applicable laws, by-laws and regulations or relative matters.
Responsibility: Your organization is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, by-laws and regulations, regardless of whether they have been referred to or addressed in this policy-guideline. If in doubt regards this policy-guideline engage a legal firm to advise you.
Copy Write: Rests with CCCVaT Ministries Ltd.
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