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REMUNERATION GUIDELINES: Many denominations publish 'Remuneration Guidelines' some of which are useful for setting rates of pay for various ministry roles. However, few account for the number of people attending the church, experience of the employee and length of tenure.

BASE SALARY: This guide uses as its base salary, the Baptist's Union of Victoria [BUVIC] Stipend, which has been used by many Brethren Ministries for setting salaries for Pastors and other leaders over many years.

LENGTH OF TENURE: The full BUVIC Stipend applies after two years service or at the start of year three. It is discounted for the first and second year's of service.

AVERAGE CHURCH: It applies the BUVIC Stipend to the average number of people attending a church in Australia @ 120, increasing the stipend for larger attendances and decreasing it for lower attendances.

OTHER ROLES: Other roles are set at a percentage of the Senior Pastor's rate varied for the number attending the church or ministry and length of tenure.

UPDATE: The guide can be updated each year by adding the new BUVIC stipend to cell 'F26' and by doing so all other cells will automatically update.

EXEMPT BENEFITS: It does not make recommendations for the ratio of salary to exempt benefits, as this will depend on the percentage of time the employee devotes to pastoral care versus administration.

Disclaimer: Whilst all care has been taken in drafting this guideline and policy, CCCVaT Ministries Ltd accepts no responsibility for spelling or grammatical errors, omissions and failures to address applicable laws, by-laws and regulations or pertinent matters.

CCCVaT advises all intending to take up this guideline and policy, to seek advice from a lawyer or an appropriate expert, prior to adopting it.
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