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MEMBERSHIP is available to all Christian Brethren Churches located in Victoria and Tasmania listed on CCCVAT's website and other Christian Churches which agree to the CCCVAT's 'Distinctives', 'Statement of Faith' and 'Doctrinal Statement'. These statements can be viewed in the guidelines and policy section in this website, along with the application from to join.

To enquire about applying please contact the office of CCCVaT. Applications are processed in the following order:
  • The executive of CCCVaT will arrangement to meet with the leadership of your church.
  • If it is agreed to pursue the application, one of the executives will attend one of your services.
  • CCCVaT will forward an application form for completion..
  • Upon receipt of the completed application form, the application will be submitted to its Board at its next formal meeting for consideration.
  • The church will subsequently be notified of the Board's decision.
CCCVaT-Ministries-Ltd-Application-for-Membership-V5-01-01-2022.docx - 15337 KB
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