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PO Box 2442 North Parramatta NSW 2151

Postal Address

PO Box 2442 North Parramatta NSW 2151


P: 1300 173 223

Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays 9am - 5pm


We are a Christian, national, cross-denominational, not for profit ministry which has representatives and works across Australia.

We are all people who have seen first-hand what happens when conflict escalates and results in hearings before courts and tribunals. We have also seen the amazing positive changes in lives and relationships that can occur when people allow God to work in their hearts in how they deal with conflict. We have seen confessions that were never thought possible, expressions of love and forgiveness that seemed beyond hope, and relationships restored that seemed broken beyond repair.

We believe that biblical peacemaking is the most hope-filled, practical and profound approach to dealing with conflict available to people, and it is the sharing and equipping people to use these principles that is at the heart of what PeaceWise is about. We are advocates for deeply Christian conflict resolution – addressing both the material issues AND the relationship issues as well.

Whilst our ministry is primarily directed at assisting Christians to approach conflict from a biblical perspective, we have seen the impact of the ministry of PeaceWise in the broader community as people see “the love that we have one for another” being practised and not just preached.

As relationships are maintained or reconciled using biblical principles, we have seen people drawn to consider for themselves the difference that faith in Jesus Christ makes to all aspects of life – and even to give their lives to Jesus!
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