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Australians in Mission Together [AMT]


35 Miriam St, Holland Park West, QLD 4121

Postal Address

PO Box 565, Mt.Gravatt QLD 4122


P: 07 3219 1800

Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 5pm


Australians in Mission Together (AMT) operates a Christian ministry for and on behalf of the churches of Christian Brethren in Australia. AMT focuses upon the Christian world mission including evangelisation, church planting, Christian education and aid. Brethren Churches and their workers adhere to and propagate accepted Christian evangelical theology, doctrine and belief.

AMT assists in the sending, supporting, maintaining and caring of workers who have been commended to cross-cultural service. AMT considers strong links between the worker and the sending church as being essential. Therefore, AMT recognises and accepts a candidate only when the relationship between the sending church and prospective worker demonstrates a sound basis for responsibility and accountability. Recognising that the God-given authority rests with the local church, it is expected that direction to the candidate or serving worker will follow consultation with AMT and with field leadership.

By faith, AMT and the churches look to the Lord to provide for the needs of the workers in their joint care. AMT receives gifts from churches and individuals and distributes these monies in the support of workers. Supporters are kept informed of Christian workers' prayer needs. AMT assists in induction and orientation training, pastoral care and re-entry/resettlement.

The primary objects of the Company are:
  • To promote and support the enterprise of Christian workers in Australia and overseas.
  • To promote and support religious, charitable and educational enterprise among ethnic groups in Australia and among people overseas of varied ethnicity.
  • To advocate and cultivate new Christian assemblies in Australia and overseas, that become autonomous, self-sustaining churches adhering to a biblical pattern.
  • To educate, advise, counsel and encourage Christian workers, candidates and church leaders and adherents in matters concerning missions.
  • To encourage and assist the relief of poverty or distress in Australia or overseas.
  • To publish material giving information concerning Christian workers, world mission and the Company's activities.
  • Such other religious, charitable and educational objects as may from time to time be approved by the Board of Directors.
If your church is planning a Short Term Mission trip, CCCVaT highly recommends you contact AMT for assistance.
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