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mainly music


All over Australia - visit website for details

Postal Address

PO Box 594, Bayswater, VIC 3153


P: 1300 668 496 or 03 9720 3310

Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 9am to 5pm


mainly music is a fun music group for parents or primary care givers to enjoy together with their young child, while also providing a bridge of connection and care. Throughout the session, children develop gross and fine motor skills, language, imagination, mathematical and pre-reading skills as well as socialize with others. Each mainly music is associated with and is run by volunteers from a local church. Children are introduced to music, creativity and more, plus families given a chance to think about the God-part of life. Amazing to think that all this can be achieved in a loving, shared family environment. 

Our Values: As an organisation, mainly music has five core values:
  • creativity ...  keeping our point of difference by thinking outside of what is traditional.
  • connection ... creating genuine spaces for engagement between christ and community.
  • celebration ... a commitment to noticing the extraordinary, even the smallest glimpses, in the ordinary; the remarkable in ever day.
  • generosity ... our ability to be large hearted, open handed and actively extravagent to acknowledge everyone is made in God's image.
  • honour ... honouring diversity and heritage, artists and writers, staff and volunteers, churches and partners, and God.
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