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What’s Walk Thru the Bible?
Walk Thru the Bible’s innovative tools and training not only “make disciples” within the walls of a church. They have also been widely used in public school systems in places like England and Ghana; influenced government agencies in places like Honduras and Romania; and have helped change lives, preserve families, address social needs, and inspire churches in more than 80 countries around the world to reach their communities in dramatic ways. God’s Word can be powerful.

When igniting passion for God’s Word results in ministries to AIDS victims and orphans, influences leaders in government and education, or reaches millions in “closed” countries through creative media programming.

…Change Your World by Changing Theirs

  • A Salvation Army Captain: “..the tremendous benefit I have noticed from those who attended…the clear and dynamic teaching methods….the concise and easy to understand text book….I must recommend Walk Thru the Bible to all officers…”
  • A Baptist Pastor: “…our group was made up of men women and children ….mature Christians and new Christians, pastors, elders, and laymen…. Baptist, Lutheran, Anglicans, Roman Catholics and others, and each were refreshed in their spiritual life….”
  • A Uniting Church Minister: “…I attended the seminar with my two sons aged 11 & 13. Although being a Pastor for 11 years, I found it a wonderful experience of learning with my boys. We found the age difference did not matter; in fact it was an advantage.. the teaching and material were first class… your man and his message were both high quality.”
  • An Assembly of God Pastor: “…At last I have found time to put pen to paper to acknowledge the outstanding contribution your ministry made in the life of my church. I believe it was indeed an unforgettable time for our people. They are still talking about it…”
  • A Church of Christ Pastor: “…my waste basket is constantly filled with letters offering ministries to the local churc…but I intend to follow up the O.T. Seminar with an N.T. Seminar…”
  • Pastor from a large Charismatic Church: “…I was unprepared for what I received, as the Seminar truly surpassed my expectations…. I believe that fire has been kindled in the lives of many…”
  • A Presbyterian Minister: “…the excitement generated by the learning of the scriptures had to be seen to be believed…. The results will reverberate throughout our church life for quite some time to come…Two other churches will be sponsoring seminars…”
  • A Canon of the Anglican Church: “…My own view is that the material was very well presented and patently met its goal… every part of the seminar was effective…..all this makes your ministry all the more desirable and looked for …hoping for further fellowship with you at a later time…”
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