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Child Safe Australia


Banyule Victoria

Postal Address

PO Box 7127, Banyule LPO, VIC 3084


P: 03 9037 6415

Office Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 9am - 5pm


ChildSafe Limited exists to serve organisations working with children and young people, with the goal of improved child safety. The funds we receive from our resources and web system are applied solely to this goal.

ChildSafe resources are suitable for all types of community organisations. We are an initiative of Scripture Union Australia, who conceived and developed ChildSafe as an internal project before creating ChildSafe Limited as a separate entity in 2007. ChildSafe actively partner with many churches, schools and other community organisations.

Why set up ChildSafe?
Children and young people deserve the best endeavours of an organisation towards their safety. This involves more than good intentions, or the assumption that harmful incidents will not happen. Organisations working with children are under increased community scrutiny in relation to screening workers, risk management and the quality of care they offer.

Many organisations do not currently have adequate systems in place to ensure that sound policies are translated into practice. Governments are increasingly legislating standards and requirements for organisations working with children. The availability and affordability of insurance is an issue for community organisations working with children. Insurers are rightly expecting organisations to have effective risk management processes in place to minimise claims.

Our Structure:
ChildSafe Limited is a Public Company limited by guarantee. The company has a sole member, Scripture Union Australia. We have applied to and been entered on the Register of Harm Prevention Charitable Institutions, maintained by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. We are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient, for funds provided to the ChildSafe Foundation Fund.

Governance functions are fulfilled by our Board of Directors, who are drawn from various states of Australia. The CEO manages operational affairs, with Project Officer staff and a Webmaster assisting clients. We engage suitable contractors to assist us with financial management, compliance, professional and legal advice, web development, and writing and production for our resources.

Regional Partners:
In New Zealand, the ChildSafe materials, systems and service are provided by the SafeHere Trust (established by Scripture Union New Zealand). Click here for the New Zealand site.

Our Objectives:
The objective of ChildSafe Limited, as defined in its constitution, is...

"to be a harm prevention charity for the promotion of the prevention and control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to children and young people when in the care of an organisation."

To achieve this objective, our constitution specifies that ChildSafe Limited will:

Resource and train the staff and volunteers of organisations in the implementation of quality safety management at the core of their organisation. Facilitate collaboration between organisations in the sharing of systems for the safety and care of children and young people, reducing duplication of effort and creating more efficient use of community resources.

Apart from the Safety Management Online portal, ChildSafe Australia has:
  • A child protection policy.
  • Various operational manuals.
  • Online training.
CCCVaT is the national licensee for all CCCAust churches in Australia. For churches wishing to utilise Child Safe 'Safety Management Online' program contact:
  • QLD: Shane Ginn - s.ginn@carmichael.qld.edu.au
  • NSW: Brad Scott - brad@cccaustnsw.com
  • SA: Jeff Spencer - jeff@craigmorechurch.org
  • TAS: Paul Gould - paul@cccvat.com.au
  • VIC: Paul Gould - paul@cccvat.com.au
  • WA - David Shaw - david@dcf.net.au
Note: For Churches there is an annual fee of $50 plus $2.50 per active user ie: those actively engaged in children's ministry and recorded on the system. â€‹CCCVaT will invoice the representative state bodies for relevant activity on the SMO at the commencement of each year relative to activity that occurred in the previous year. 

CCCVaT covers fee costs for Brethren Churches in Victoria and Associate Churches in Tasmania.

DISCLAIMER: CCCVaT is the national licencee for Child Safe Australia's Safety Management Online [SMO] program.

The sole role of CCCVaT and the association's representative state bodies is to appoint a Coordinator for each approved applicant, to enable the Coordinator to populate and appoint Team Leaders etc in the organisation's SMO. CCCVaT or the representative state bodies do not manage or monitor individual organisation's Safety Management Online portals.

The applicant will need to reassign the responsibilities expected of the Risk Management Officer [RMO] under the Child Safe Australia's SMO management structure to the Coordinator. 

CCCVaT and the association's representative state bodies' will not be in a position to act or report on any failures to manage the SMO in accordance with its capabilities or the organisation's expectations and accordingly accept no responsibility for any incidents that may occur.

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