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Postal: PO Box 509, Goulburn NSW 2580 Australia

Postal Address

Postal: PO Box 509, Goulburn NSW 2580 Australia


P: +61 2 4822 0400

Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 9am to 5pm

Better Boards connects great ideas and great people in order to transform non-profit organisations. Stronger leaders and leadership teams create a stronger sector.
Better Boards Australasia connects the leaders, chief executive officers, board members and senior management teams, of Australasian non-profit organisations to the knowledge and networks necessary to grow and develop their leadership skills and build a strong governance framework for their organisation.
Whether your non-profit organisation is a charity, NGO, association, social enterprise, club, service provider or one of the many other types of non-profit organisations; strong leadership, governance and peer networks are vital ingredients in the success of any non-profit organisation. When board members and chief executive officers work within a robust governance framework, come together in a cohesive leadership team and are connected with the right knowledge and networks, they can have a hugely positive impact within their non-profit organisation and the community it serves. A concentration of positive impact at the top of an organisation inevitably cascades into every nook and cranny of an organisation; to the staff, systems, process, culture, clients or members and the community the organisation works in – turning a good organisation into a great one.
Better Boards has been working to connect leaders with knowledge and networks for over 11 years. Since the acquisition of the Better Boards Conference by Better Boards Australasia in 2009 we have been re-imagining how Better Boards can deliver on its mission. Our enthusiastic team brings a unique skill set and view to connecting leaders with the right networks and knowledge to lead their organisations into the future – creating positive impact not only in non-profit organisations, but Australian and New Zealand society as a whole.
Everyday Better Boards connects with its extensive networks of practitioners, consultants, academics and government representatives to create and curate events, products and services that allow board members and chief executive officers to develop their governance knowledge, leadership skills, and to extend their networks.
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