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Sports Chaplaincy Australia [SCA]


PO Box 484, Sydney Markets, NSW 2129

Postal Address

PO Box 484, Sydney Markets, NSW 2129


P: (+61) 1300 518 058

Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 5pm


Bring another level of investment to the game.
Every year, 14 million Australians participate in sport across the country. We’re a nation of athletes, and our local sporting clubs are at the heart of our communities.

For over 30 years, Sports Chaplaincy Australia has been caring for athletes at every level – both on and off the field by providing trusted pastoral care to invest into the complete athlete and their entire sporting community.

Whether your team is elite or grassroots, our professionally trained chaplains can help lift their performance to another level by caring for the complete athlete – body, mind and soul.

Because we believe every Australian athlete is worth investing in completely

A Fresh Approach:
Chaplains provide healthy strategies for club communities to care for players, coaches and members who can occasionally struggle to connect. SCA takes a fresh approach with meaningful and emotional engagement.

Trusted Partner in Sport:
SCA members are trusted and trained men and women from all States in Australia who have extensive experience and credentials in sports pastoral care. SCA has over 30 years experience serving sport at the highest level.

Vibrant Healthy Clubs:
Our chaplains are committed to help you grow a healthy vibrant club by focusing on what really counts. Our chaplaincy network provide genuine community based strategies through personal ongoing assistance.

Sports Chaplaincy Australia [SCA]:
For further information on this vital community support, on how you can engage a sports chaplain or how you can become a sports chaplain visit SCA's website.
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