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There are 45.8 million slaves in the world today, (Global Slavery Index, 2016), more than at any other time in history. Despite the best efforts of abolitionists across the centuries, the buying and selling of human beings for profit is booming. It’s typically the poor who are targeted. Yet, anyone in the wrong circumstances is vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

Exploitation is no respecter of gender, age, race or status. There are slaves in the most developed nations in the world, (an estimated 4,000 slaves in Australia according to the 2016 GSI). In the West, a different kind of slavery is on the rise. Consumerism, s e l f - o b s e s s i o n, addiction, isolation and the pursuit of “success” leave many, despite all the advances of our age, with a deep hunger for community and meaning. 

The Pong was started as a one-off event to raise funds and awareness to help young people enslaved through human trafficking. But in the last few years, as The Pong movement has developed, we’ve seen the event inspire participants and whole communities to:
•• Radically re-orient worldview and perspective
•• Spark a cultural shift in values, attitudes and behaviours
•• Draw individuals of all ages, genders, abilities, races and political persuasions into a fun, community-rich experience
•• Inspire creativity, momentum and a shared belief that when they work together for the one
cause they can achieve something that really does make the world a better place.

To inspire and resource all people to live a life marked by FREEDOM is WHY WE PONG!

At the heart of our WHY are two fundamental beliefs:
1. Every person matters.
2. Every person deserves

Ping Pong-A-Thon events are held annually throughout October in all Australian States and Territories. A standard event runs 24 hours, usually commencing on a Friday afternoon/evening through to Saturday afternoon/evening. Participants register to play table tennis for a minimum period of 3 hours during the event and invite their friends, families and networks to sponsor their efforts.

Participants of all ages (6 – 100 years is our current age range) and abilities are welcome to participate. Communities without the capacity to run a 24-hour event have the option to run a Mini-Pong event (3 or more hours in length). 

The event is adaptable and can be hosted by a range of different community groups (schools, churches, sporting clubs, workplaces, pubs, universities, local councils, Rotary Clubs, Men’s Sheds etc.) 

Once officially registered to host an event, the local event organiser is equipped with a range of resources to assist them in running a quality event.

Resources include:
•• Pong Event Organiser Manual (step-by-step guide to running the event)
•• Pong Promo Pack (promotional material including participant guide, sponsor cards, A3 posters, promo clips/short films, press release and radio service guide to engage local media)
•• Access to additional event resources via Google Drive and on USB (including promotional clips/short films/PowerPoint presentation etc.)
•• Access to The Pong’s Event Organiser Facebook Group (where you can share ideas with and get advice from more experienced event organisers).
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