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9 Queen Street, Blackburn VIC 3130

Postal Address

PO Box 521 Blackburn. VIC 3130


P: 03 9894 1796

Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 4.30pm


INSPIRE SCHOOL CHAPLAINCY NETWORK is a network of Providers that employ school chaplains in schools under the National School Chaplaincy Program. These Providers are:
  • Access Ministries
  • CCCVaT School Support Services
  • Doncaster Church of Christ
  • Echo YoutH and Family Services
  • Life Central
  • Scripture Union
  • Youth for Christ Gippsland
INSPIRE's role is to promote the value of school chaplaincy and raise funds to support the employment of school chaplains working at schools that did not receive government funding.

In 2014 over 1000 schools applied for government funding to maintain the employment of their school chaplains or funds to employ one from 2015 to 2018, however only 600 [approx] were awarded funding, leaving 400 to raise funds to employ one.

Through a generous and significant grant from the Genesis Foundation, support from Providers, schools and the community, INSPIRE has been able generate funds to place school chaplains in 40 schools to-date.

Although this is a great outcome, the funds were not sufficient to cover the other schools that were not awarded government funding.  In pursuit of the aim to generate funds to employ as many school chaplains as possible, INSPIRE is seeking donations to aid this cause. You can donate by visiting its website, which will allow you to donate to a specific school or make generic donations. Most donations are tax deductible.
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