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75 Morris Road, Rothwell QLD

Postal Address

75 Morris Road, Rothwell QLD


P: 0421 021 424

Office Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 5pm


AMOS Australian Mission Outreach Support is a conservative Christian ministry, supporting and promoting the work of Aboriginal Communities, Missions and Missionaries. The work focuses on Aboriginal communities through out Australia and is carried out through short term mission outreaches.

Within the world of Christian cultures, AMOS Australian Mission Outreach Support fits into the realm of Conservative, Evangelical and Interdenominational Missions. AMOS teams endeavour to work in areas where other team based groups are not active and only when there is a unified invitation from the Missionary and Church leaders. The key words in the title are the words “Outreach Support.” AMOS teams support the work of existing churches, Aboriginal Communities and Conventions, Missionaries, Religious Education Teachers, Mission groups and others. AMOS outreach support programs can include a combination of any of the following: Work Parties, Mime, Skits, Gospel Singers, Sketch Board Illustrations, Memory Verse Lessons, Gospel Themed Illusions, Games, Puppet Plays, Gospel Messages, Mission Awareness Trips and more.

What AMOS aims to do:
  • Train people at a relatively low financial cost in a way that can help assist in preparing them for mission work in Australia and other parts of the world.
  • Train Aboriginal young people in the same outreach skills as mentioned on the About AMOS page, by having them work along side AMOS team members.
  • Train young people, as well as some older people, to carry out Biblically based programs in an effective manner within a culture foreign to their own.
  • Expose young people to the every day life of a Missionary as they carry out their ministry in Australia’s harsh and unforgiving outback.
  • Encourage our home Missionaries and church community leaders, by supporting church events and conventions as well as promoting their work and their needs.
  • Provide outreach programs for people in Aboriginal Communities.
AMOS teams outreaches currently fall into three types:
  • Tribal Aboriginal groups – 45%
  • Semi tribal Aboriginal groups – 40%
  • Westernised Aboriginal groups – 15%
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