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Model Workplace Health and Safety [WHS] laws still apply if workers work somewhere other than their usual workplace, for example, from home. If a Church is paying WorkCover premiums it is also obligated to meet the requirements of the insurer's terms and conditions, including their work health and safety provisions.

A worker is classified as anyone a church has directed to do a task, regardless as to whether paid or not. Employers have duties to ensure the health and safety of workers, even if they are working from home. Note, over 50% of accidents occur in the home compared to less than 10% at the workplace, so the risk is magnified.

SafeWork Australia’s website provides detailed information on working from another location for the employer, small business and the employee: It also includes information on how to manage the safety of workers and the workplace with regards COVID-19.

Based on information supplied by Safework Australia and WHS operators, CCCVaT has created this guideline/policy which establishes procedures and guidelines for workers who are instructed/directed or chose to work from another location or from home.

Disclaimer: Whilst all care has been taken in drafting this policy/guideline, CCCVaT Ministries Ltd accepts no responsibility for spelling or grammatical errors, omissions and failures to address applicable laws, by-laws and regulations or pertinent matters.

CCCVaT advises all intending to take up this policy/guideline to seek advice from a lawyer or an appropriate expert, prior to adopting it.
Working-from-Home-Policy-V1.pdf - 492 KB
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