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CCCVAT MINISTRIES LTD has developed this guideline as an aid to govern and or manage meetings between one person and another person, where one person is either an employee, volunteer, contractor or visitor to or for the church.
Other than as defined in various legislation relating to meetings of members and boards etc., there are no Federal or State laws governing how One-on-One meetings between people of eighteen years and older should be conducted.

In view of the forgoing, churches may elect to enact or incorporate these or their own guidelines into their ‘Code-of Conduct’ on how One-on-One meetings should be conducted.

Church leaders are ultimately responsible for the safety of employees, volunteers, contractors, attendees and any other person on their premises, under their control. This liability does not generally extend to other entities using or hiring a facility, unless an agreement between the parties covers such protocols. These responsibilities are defined in numerous Federal and State laws, for example; Fair Work Australia, Work Health Place and Safety, Child Protection etc.

Accordingly, church leaders will be held accountable and, or liable for any misconduct which occurred in a meeting between two persons whilst on the church’s premises, except persons under the control of other entities using or hiring the facility. This liability may extend to meetings held elsewhere, subject to circumstances.

To mitigate such liability, it is recommended the Leadership should implement rules governing such meetings, to protect and safeguard those participating in a One-on-One meeting and Hosts trained in such protocols.

It is the responsibility of the Leadership of the church to determine if it will permit ungoverned/unsupervised or governed/supervised One-on-One meetings, on or off-site.

The purpose of this guideline is to protect and safeguard people of eighteen years of age and older participating in a One-on-One meeting. 

This guideline applies to the person conducting the meeting and the person attending the meeting, where both parties are 18 years of age or more and regardless of the nature of the meeting. 

These guidelines do not include meetings to deal with a dispute between parties. It is recommended disputes of this nature are dealt with in the church’s ‘Code of Ethics’ policy.

Guidelines for meetings on a One-on-One basis involving any person less than 18 years of age, should be defined in the church’s ‘Child Protection Policy’
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