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  1. At the commencement of the twentieth first century, meetings between Elders in Victoria resulted the inauguration of an association named; ‘The Christian Brethren Co-Ordinating Committee (CBCC)’
  2. Between 2000 and 2003, discussions on how best to achieve the vision of advancing the Gospel and being a dynamic and relevant Christian movement, under the Lordship of Christ and the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, occurred within the CBCC.
  3. To achieve these objectives, in May 2003 the CBCC formed the 'Christian Brethren Fellowship in Victoria' [CBFV], as an unincorporated association.
  4. CBFV’s purpose was to enhance the interaction between Christian Brethren churches in Victoria; equipping and resourcing leaders; aid the ministry of churches including providing assistance to revitalize them; plant new Christian Churches and developing and maintaining policies and guidelines of assistance to churches.
  5. Due to the formation of a national network of churches in May 2010, which was incorporated as Christian Community Churches of Australia Limited [CCCAust], the Members of the CBFV agreed at its 2010 Annual General Meeting [AGM], to change the association’s name to 'Christian Community Churches of Victoria' [CCCV] and change the financial year to a calendar year.
  6. To reflect inclusion of a number of Christian Community Churches in Tasmania in the association, Members at the 2011 AGM agreed change the name to 'Christian Community Churches Victoria and Tasmania' (CCCVaT)
  7. To ensure CCCVAT was able to provide ongoing services to Brethren churches throughout Australia and limit the liability of Members and Directors, Members agreed to move to a Company Limited by Guarantee, which was formally registered in 01.01.2019 as CCCVAT MINISTRIES LTD [also known as CCCVAT].
  8. In 2012 CCCVAT registered CCCVAT School Support Services Ltd [CCCVAT SSS] to register as a Provider in the National School Chaplaincy Program [NSCP], which enabled CCCVAT SSS to employ school chaplains to support the welfare of students, parents and teachers.
  9. Para-church organisations have worked alongside and in co-operation with CCCVAT since its formation in 2003. The principal para-church organisations include the Christian Brethren Trust [CBT], Christian Youth Camps Ltd [CYC], Missionary Advisory Council – VIC [MAC] and Christian Brethren Community Care Ltd [Temcare]. These bodies work in collaboration with CCCVAT and the Christian Community Churches in Victoria and Tasmania, to further the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. CCCVAT has been principally funded by the CBT since its formation and has in recent times attracted donors that fund many of its programs.
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