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Under the Incorporations Act [ACT] of each state [which can differ], and in accordance with the Australian and Charities Not-For-Profit Commision [ACNC] requirement and constitution, incorporated associations are required to hold an annual general meeting [AGM], within 18 months of registration and thereafter, within five months after the end of each financial year.

The purpose of the AGM is to report on the charity's activities and finances for its financial year to members and to allow them to ask questions, and to elect members to the charity's governing body (board). In addition, if the board or members require the accounts to be audited [mandatory for charities with a turnover of $3M+], the auditor is to be appointed or servcies renewed with the consent of members at the AGM.

Members are required to be given notice of an AGM in accordance with the state's ACT, which is usually within 21 days of the AGM being held, including location, date and time. In addition, members are to be provided with a form to nominate to the board [attached]

The ACT, most constitutions and the ACNC, require the following matters be addressed at an AGM.
  • Approval of previous minutes, if any.
  • A report on the activities of the incorporated association, either from the chair of the board, or senior excutive [Pastor etc]
  • The financials, including a Profit Loss [P&L] statement and Balance Sheet, with commentary.
  • Election of board members.
    • Members of the board that have reached the end of their appointment, may chose to stand for relection, or not.‚Äč
    • Members appointed to the board, need to complete details on the attached 'Members Record', so their appointment and details can be registered with the ACNC.
  • Appointment of auditor, if required or applicable.
Minutes of the meeting are to be recorded.

Following the AGM, and within six months of the end of the relevant financial year, an Annual Information Statement [AIS] is to be completed on the ACNC's site, including updating member appointments. 

The purpose of an AGM, is not to discuss current or future plans, and or strategy.
Board-Nomination-Form-01-01-2022-V1.docx - 24 KB MEMBER-S-RECORD.xlsx - 11 KB
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