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Community Church Warragul


Sunday 9.30am [Family Service]
Sunday 1st & 3rd
7pm - Youth NightLife
Playgroup Thursday & Friday 9.00AM


1-29 Wills Street, Warragul VIC 3820


P 0493 250 149

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Jesus was a man who did amazing things, taught with unsurpassed wisdom, challenged hypocrisy and loved outrageously. Jesus was sure that his work would save people from destruction, connect people in open relationship with God and give them life forever – everyone who was willing, for all generations.

We believe him. We love him. We trust him. We've experienced him. Jesus is real, and he's right here. We want to extend God's invitation to everyone.

Community Church Warragul is one expression of the church of Jesus Christ.  We trust Jesus for fulfilment and life forever, so we seek the outcomes that he calls us to, which is why all we are and do is aimed at becoming people who are:

These signposts are actions rising out of our core values, which in turn arise from the Bible.
  • We hold the Bible as truly God's word; our final authority for all things.
  • As long as you draw breath, God will never give up on you.
You are more than welcome to check out the community here at any level you want to.

We don't want to force anyone to do anything, we just want everyone to have the opportunity to meet Jesus, and find life.
  • 7.00 pm Sunday Nights - first and third Sunday of each month:
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