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Christian Community Church Morwell


Sunday Service 10am
Sunday School 10:30am
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 7:30pm


5-7 McDonald Street, Morwell VIC 3840


P 0412 967 008

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A brief history
The original Baptist church in its current location was built in 1951. That first work unfortunately folded in the early 90's. However, a new Baptist fellowship soon recommenced, first as a home group then moving back into the Baptist church building in around 1998. That recommenced work continued faithfully for 12 years with many ups and downs until it was decided that the fellowship would combine with another small struggling church like itself, the Morwell Gospel Chapel.

In January 2010 the two churches merged with a celebration service and have never looked back since. New growth, new members, new converts and new works all stemmed from that act of uniting with other brothers and sisters in a move to put the Kingdom of God first. It proved to a miraculous act on many levels and re-invigorated both fellowships.

As a merged church we are now a recognised constituted church of by both the BUV and CCCVaT and continue on our journey of unity and building bridges.

Our set up
Our set up is as a congregationalist church where the labour of Kingdom ministry is encouraged to be taken up by all in the fellowship. A group of elders are responsible for the oversight and leadership of the church. We have no one paid Pastor/Reverend/Minister, but follow the Apostle Paul's example of providing for oneself by the labour of thy own hands. We try to avoid all unnecessary formalities and structures that might undermine the brotherhood and unity of the "Kingdom message" that Christ preached. Our worship service is contemporary, backed by a church band, with communion taken weekly followed by Biblical preaching that is very much centred on Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 
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