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Oakleigh Christian Fellowship


11am onwards every Sunday


34 Hillcrest Avenue, Chadstone VIC 3148


P 0403 293 806

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OAKLEIGH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is a small and caring compassionate congregation with a real desire to serve our community and aid and assist those in need. 

Oakleigh Christian Fellowship has had an approx. 40 year ministry in welcoming and helping people recover from difficult and even traumatic experiences of spiritual bondage and depression as well as other spiritual issues and situations. Many have come to find rest and peace to enable them to move on in life.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) every Sunday and welcome all who desire to remember Our Lord Jesus Christ to join with us in the communion service.

The communion service is followed by a Bible Teaching Service during which, we also have Sunday school for school-aged children. There is also a very welcoming and happy time of fellowship around coffee or tea and refreshments after this service. We belief in the full inspiration of the Bible and that it should be taught in full and followed  as salvation and Christian values founded and centred in the Bible. In addition to the Sunday services we meet for prayer and Bible study on Tuesday evenings, usually in homes.

We also share with other local churches various combined gospel outreaches including a ministry to people with substance abuse and other social problems and aged care/nursing home ministries.

We welcome all and hope you may find a home at our church that will serve your needs and transform your life. We hope you will enjoy our fellowship, meeting new people and joining us for a coffee; and we are always available to pray for your needs. So please join us and witness how our lives have been blessed by the grace of God, and how yours can be too.
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