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Montmorency Community Church


Sunday 10am
[check website for times]


24 Mayona Road, Montmorency VIC 3094


P 03 9434 2438

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Montmorency Community Church [MCC] is located approximately 23 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, in its the most livable suburb.

At Montmorency Communty Church you will discover a welcoming friendly group of people of all ages and from all walks of life that have supported and cared for the community of Montmorency over the years.

We host a family friendly service every Sunday at 10am in our modern facilitites where we relate messages from the Bible that have the power to transform lives and where people can meet and share fellowship after the service. Families with infants can care for them in a our creche and young children can attend Kidz Church specifically aimed to serve their needs. In addition to our regular service we host other dedicated services that you will discover on our website.

We also host a variety of services including:
  • playgroup for babies to kinder aged kids, Monday and Tuesday mornings.
  • Monty Kidz Club for young children held the first Friday of each month.
  • Monty Senior Kidz Club for children up to year 6, held the third Friday of each month.
  • Monty Youth, for years 7 to year 12 children, held every second and third Friday of the month.
  • Young Adults, which meet every Monday in the evenings.
  • Small groups for all ages that meet various days and evenings during the week.
For further details on the forgoing and other activities viist our website.

If you wish to know about the transforming message of Jesus we welcome you and hope you will find a home at our church that you can call your family; and we are always available to pray for your needs.

So please join us and witness how our lives have been blessed and how yours can be also by the grace of God.
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