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Ulverstone Gospel Chapel


Sunday 10.30am


1A Amherst Street, Ulverstone TAS 7315


P 03 6425 3105

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ULVERSTONE GOSPEL CHAPEL, in fellowship with other Christian Brethren Churches, started as a self governing local church in 1936. Self Government is the scriptural characteristic of the New Testament Church. Jesus Christ is acknowledged as the head, eliminating any need of state, national or world leadership.

At the Ulverstone Gospel Chapel this order is recognised and practised.  Believers in our Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to fellowship in this church for the mutual blessing of members and visitors, and to the glory of God.

The privilege of enjoying fellowship and worshipping together brings the responsibility of service to our Lord in witnessing to others our faith in Jesus Christ.

It is evident from Scripture that all Christian service is to continuously bring about change in the lives of people with the ultimate aim being that all are brought to completeness in Jesus Christ. (Col. 1:28 Eph 4:12-13)
 Therefore the vision statement for our Church is:
 "To present all people complete in Jesus Christ".


 To all who mourn and need comfort;
  • To all who are weary and need rest;
  • To all who are lonely and need a friend;
  • To all who are sad and need joy;
  • To all who are discouraged and need hope;
  • To all who sin and need a Saviour;
  • This church opens its arms and doors
  • and in the Name of Jesus Christ says;
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