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Sheffield Bible Chapel Inc


Sunday 10am


45 High Street, Sheffield TAS 7306


P 03 6491 1512

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We offer a warm welcome to any who would like to join us for fellowship, worship, prayer and practical teaching based on God’s word at a home group, Sunday service or even to simply drop in for a chat.

The ‘Chapel’ is an informal family church. Our members come from many different Christian backgrounds. The church is run by Christian members of the Sheffield community for the local community. Our worship style includes both traditional and contemporary elements.

Our family worship gathering is at 10.00am each Sunday and lasts for approximately 90 mins including a simple communion service.

Each Sunday during Tasmanian School terms we host KLAG (Kids Learning about God). All school age children are welcome to join us.

We also share a commmunity lunch weeky on Sundays, bring something to share with others or simply turn up. All welcome (even if you don’t make it to church).

There are occasional ‘cafe church’ gatherings and ‘youth services’ on Sunday evenings.

Our Vision
To know the character and have the mind of Jesus through the Word of God and the revelation of the Holy Spirit that we might be like him and know God through him.

We have a vision of our church worshipping God, expressing praise, adoration and thanksgiving, freely and creatively in Spirit and truth. We encourage a diversity of worship themes and value the participation of each believer in his or her own way bringing praise to God.

We have a vision of our church as the loving family of God where each one experiences acceptance, forgiveness, real love, encouragement, support and close fellowship. Through pastoral and practical care we encourage openness and honesty in our relationships with each other.

We have a vision of our church being consistently challenged and transformed through clear Bible-based life-related teaching. We are committed to Christian discipleship as the outcome of personal and corporate study of God’s word.

We have a vision of our church constantly before God in prayer for all our needs. We encourage openness to the work of the Holy Spirit bringing out His fruit in our lives and empowering us to use the gifts He provides for building the church of God.

We have a vision of our church drawing many into the Kingdom through the open proclamation of the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ in word and deeds. We seek to serve our local community in love and with compassion for those in need. We encourage thoughtful Biblical reflection on the pressing social and political issues facing our state and nation. We are committed to reaching out to our hurting world through sending and supporting cross-cultural missionaries and responding to third world needs.

We have a vision of our church supported and strengthened through united spiritual leadership. We seek effective organisational structures which serve to release each of us to minister in our area of gift. We have a vision of our church encouraging creative and innovative people-based programmes which serve to meet real needs in the fellowship and community.

We have a vision of our church demonstrating a genuine Christian lifestyle embracing the values of the Kingdom of God. We are open to the work of God moulding our lives in simplicity and humility so that we continue to grow towards mature discipleship.
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