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The Brethren Movement in Victoria has for many years relied upon the Baptist Union of Victoria's [BUVIC] Stipend for church's to set their Pastors/Ministers remuneration.

CCCVAT has undertaken a comparision of many of the remuneration guidelines recommended by denominations throughout Australia, through which it has developed a Remunerator Calculator.

The Remunerator Calculator uses as a base the BUVIC Stipend based upon the average sized church in Australia [120 - 2019] and the completion of two years service, which is considered the point at which a senior manager/pastor is truly proficient.

The remuneration increases for churches with greater attendances and decreases for churches with lower attendances. The rate is also slightly discounted for the first and second years service. Other positions are stipulated at a pecentage of the standard rate.

The Remunerator Calculator is a guideline only and not intended as the definitive rate for managers and pastors rates of pay. 
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