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Churches have a duty of care to one another according to our faith and legally. It is prudent and in some cases obligatory for organisations to ensure people they employ or use in a volunteer capacity can be trusted with the care of others and the resources of the organisation.

CCCVaT is a licensee of CrimCheck through which it is able to facilitate National Police Checks on individuals applying to work or currently working with the Church and volunteers as well. 

The checking process will interrogate various national and state police databases according to the sensitivity of the role being applied for. It is recommended where asked that applicants leave the box marked that indicates you will be working with children/vulnerable people.

To comply with our licence agreement and the law, CCCVaT is providing access to the portal to process applications to individuals working with or applying to work with Churches and persons seeking to volunteer. Applications will be processed via the portal and applicants notified of the results of the check and be issued a National Police Check. It will then be the responsibility of the applicant to forward the National Police Check to the church. 

Note: CCCVaT will not release the results of the National Police Check to the relevant church and any other person or entity. In the event the check reveals disclosures that the church should be aware of relative to the intended role of the applicant, CCCVaT will inform the church that it needs to be aware that the applicant's National Police Check has revealed disclosures it should be aware of, however CCCVaT will not release or advise of the nature of these disclosures. CCCVaT and the recipient church may according to law, only store the National Police Check record for a maximum period of 365 days, this does not apply to the applicant.

The cost of an application is as follows and can be paid at the time of the application via credit card.
  • Paid Staff - $35.00
  • Volunteers - $16.00
Persons can apply by visiting:
If you have any questions please contact the office via email - pynqi@cccvat.com.au or by calling 03 9017 3499
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