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Children and Family Ministries

CCCVaT offers support to local churches to assess and develop children’s programs that will best suit their needs and purpose, taking into consideration the demographic of the local area, the resources (people, facilities, finances) available and the needs and circumstances of the children and families they are reaching. 

CCCVaT can provide information and contacts for a variety of programmes that churches can consider when engaging with their local community. These include programs designed for children, parents, families, schools and community involvement. 

CCCVaT also has information on curriculum resources for programs within the church – programs to suit a range of group sizes and situations. Support can be provided to help churches assess the best fit for their congregation and how to adapt programs to their specific requirements.

Discovery Land – a Bible-based curriculum that takes children through the whole Bible in 3 years. It is a downloadable program that provides each lesson in detail with suggestions for pre-lesson activities and a Bible story with questions for extending and reviewing the lesson. There are also downloadable resources like timelines, key verses, books of the Bible, etc for using in the classroom. The focus is on application to life and developing children into robust followers of Jesus who are grounded in the Word.
Contact Jenny Wraight: jenny@cccvat.com.au 

Mainly Music – a 30 minute music program for preschool children and their parent/carer followed by a 30 minute coffee break/relationship building time. Through the values of Creativity, Connection, Celebration, Generosity and Honour, mainly music aims to develop relationships with families which will lead to an opportunity to introduce them to Jesus. Mainly music provides curriculum, DVDs with songs and rhymes, support and training. For more information visit the Mainly Music page in Ministries. 

Christian Playgroup Network – CPN provides support to help church playgroups be flourishing expressions of God's Kingdom where families find love, grace and acceptance, faith is formed, shared and nurtured, and fullness of life is experienced. Membership provides newsletters with helpful and inspiring articles, resourcing and training events, information about current events and team support. Contact: http://cpn.org.au/

MOPS – MOPS (Mother Of Pre Schoolers) groups are where Mums get together for friendship and encouragement and gain practical parenting strategies while children are lovingly cared for in a MOPPETS program. The purpose of MOPS is to encourage, equip and develop every mother of pre-schoolers to realise her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ. The MOPS website: www.mops.org.au 

Contact Nancy Moyle or Jenny Wraight for assistance.
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