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CARE - Church Planter Grant

Church Activation, Renewal and Equipping
CARE - Church Planter Grant

The suburbs and towns of Australia are experiencing unprecedented change fuelled by population growth, economics, logistics, property prices and cultural influences.
The CARE - Church Planters Grant provide financial support for new church plants to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and service the needs of the expanding communities within Australia. Attached is a paper written by David Wraight which details metrics which are indicative of a healthy church serving the needs of its community.  

Central to this is a Leader with the passion and capability to lead a team of dedicated followers who will the support the Pastor in this ministry.

If you wish to know more contact david@cccvat.com.au
9A-Local-Church-Church-Health-and-Church-Planting-in-the-Christian-Community-Church-Movement.pdf - 1393 KB
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