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Neerim District Sec. College

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Neerim East Road, Neerim South, VIC, 3831

Postal Address

Neerim East Road, Neerim South, VIC, 3831


P: (03) 5628 1455

Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 5pm, excluding school holidays

At Neerim District Secondary College our core business is to educate young people to become competent, resilient and constructive members of society. Along with and in support of this goal to develop the whole person, schools provide members of their community with a variety of support services along with educational opportunities. 

One distinctly unique and valuable contribution to the life of any school is through a chaplaincy program funded by the Commonwealth Government. School chaplains are involved in pastorally caring for the whole school community, providing a presence and building positive relationships with a variety of stakeholders including Eastern Access Community Health, Anglicare and Child First. In this way, a school chaplain becomes part of the fabric of the school community, pastorally caring for those in need, modelling positive relationships and implementing proactive programs. A chaplain also encourages involvement between the wider community and the school community as both groups work together towards positive outcomes for our young people. 

Claudia Correa is Neerim District Secondary College (School) School’s chaplain. She serves at the school two days a week, providing support to a wide range of students and their families. To speak with Claudia you can call the school to organise a time or email her directly.
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