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Chum Creek Primary

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705 Chum Creek Rd, Chum Creek, VIC 3777

Postal Address

705 Chum Creek Rd, Chum Creek, VIC 3777


P: (03) 5962 5391

Office Hours

Monday- Friday 8.30am- 4.30pm School Days

Chum Creek Primary is a small, rural school with a long history of awareness of, and concern for, the environment. The school community holds the education of our children for a sustainable future as a core issue. The school believes it is vital to work towards creating a more sustainable school and future.

CCCVaT School Support Services is a strong advocate for Chaplaincy in schools, valuing the importance of the role of Chaplains in school communities to support students, staff and families. Chaplains bring hope and light to schools, enhancing the well-being of students and responding holistically to the needs of the school community.

The National School Chaplaincy Program, enables Chum Creek Primary School to employ a Chaplain for two days per week. While the official title is ‘Chaplain’, the Chaplain’s work in our school is welfare-based & focused, and strictly non-denominational. They do not conduct any religious instruction.

The aim of the Chaplain’s program is to provide welfare support for the students who attend our school, and their families. Our Chaplain’s work complements the work done by our Primary Welfare Officer (PWO), and while the Chaplain’s position is partly funded by the NSCP our PWO’s position are not. Student and family involvement with our Chaplain is entirely voluntary.

Marlee Nebauer is Chum Creek's Primary's School Chaplain. She is at the school two days a week, providing support to a wide range of students and their families. To speak with Marlee, you can call the school to set up a time or email her directly.
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