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30 Benwerren Dr Yarra Junction, VIC 3797

Postal Address

30 Benwerren Dr Yarra Junction, VIC 3797


P: 03 5967 1021

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm

Nestling amongst the beautiful hills of Yarra Junction, Benwerren is a lovely old rambling house. Complete with an open log fire and a picturesque setting on two acres of land with the Little Yarra River running by, it's the ideal place for a truly relaxing holiday.

To strengthen families, by supporting women and children in need. Providing practical support in the form of 'time-out' in a peaceful environment, whilst ministering to the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual well being of women and children.
  • Benwerren operates on a Christian ethos, is interdenominational in character, and supports women regardless of differing spiritual beliefs.
  • Benwerren aims to share the love of God, the healing power of the Holy Spirit, and the salvation of Christ.
  • To provide a centre for women in need, irrespective of denomination.
  • To organise and run a centre where women may be cared for a temporary basis, where they can rest from shock of physical or emotional trauma.
  • Offering accommodation (time-out ) 2 days to 2 weeks for practical, educational, spiritual and emotional support.
  • To assist charities by welcoming to the Centre persons in need, sponsored by such charities, with the approval of governing director.
  • To provide follow up service offering continued support in friendship to women who leave our care.
  • Where necessary links will be made with various sections of the Welfare Dept., Church and other appropriate helping agencies, with/or on behalf of the women in the care of the Centre.
  • To provide for persons who want the opportunity to unite daily in Christians worship at Centre.
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