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Equal Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment and Bullying Manual.

In Australia, national and state laws cover equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination in the workplace. You're required by these laws to create a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. It's important that as an employer, you understand your rights and responsibilities under human rights and anti-discrimination law. By putting effective anti-discrimination and anti-harassment procedures in place in your business you can improve productivity and increase efficiency.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has a range of fact sheets External Site to help you develop effective policies and best practice guidelines. The Fair Work Ombudsman External Site also provides education and assistance for employees and employers on preventing discrimination in the workplace.

This manual guides you through the many aspects of the legislation covering these matters. Note however it is not a policy. This is something currently being developed by CCCVaT.
CCCVaT-Equal-Opportunity-Anti-Discrimination-Anti-Harrassment-and-Bullying-Manual-V7-15-06-2014.docx - 63 KB
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