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Welfare Health and Safety (WHS)

WHS, one of the most challenging matters facing churches today is the management of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risks. With strict legislative requirements, increasing penalties and the high financial costs associated with workers’ compensation, the consequence of not managing safety risks can be very costly to Churches .

It is recognised that the church community is made up of volunteers and they are an extremely important part of the church life and the Church has a duty of care to protect them from accidents and incidents. This manual may seem a little complex for a Church however it has to be written to capture the legislative requirements of the Victorian and Tasmanian Regulators. Some parts of the manual may not be relevant to certain Churches and therefore these may be omitted by that Church. 

Tasmania adopted the Work Health Safety (WHS) legislation on 1/1/2013 and this has been addressed in this reprint of the manual. 

This manual also includes reference to the Culture of Safety Unit and new policies and procedures relating to safe behaviours, which provide important guidance to the way the Church should operate.

The OHS manual has been purchased under licence from the Uniting Church by CCCVaT and is available to churches FREE. To obtain the OHS Manual please download the Licence Agreement included, read and if satisfied, sign and return. Upon receipt you will be issued with the manual and annexures.
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