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The Crowded House Tasmania


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108 Last Street, Latrobe TAS 7307


P 03 6426 1661

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The Crowded House Tasmania is a small group of Bible believing Christians from mainstream protestant church backgrounds working together to plant household churches in Northern Tasmania.

We have chosen to work with the household church model at this stage, not because we think it is the only way to do church, or necessarily the best way, but because we believe that it is an alterative model to try and reach the un-churched and de-churched in a culture that has largely turned its back of the Christian Community as a whole.

The challenge we face is to simplify our church gathering to accommodate meaningful mission, without loosing the order, structure and reverence the New Testament makes clear must be a part of the gathering of the Family of God.

We have been greatly assisted in our endeavors firstly by BILD International who have re-orientated us to the purpose of the Church as Mission in the Way of Christ and the Apostles, and by The Crowded House networking in Sheffield UK aiding us to find the appropriate form for this mission in our Australian culture.
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