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Evangelist Mobilisation Process

Evangelism is the door we walk through to make disciples. The first people through that “door” are often gifted evangelists. By evangelists I do not mean religious salesmen. I mean those church members given to the church, by the risen Jesus, for a set purpose. 

Jesus gives evangelists to the church to evangelise; to equip the church to evangelise; and (logically) to grow new evangelists. These men and women are given as gifts to the church. Have you seen a child struggling to use a new toy or a Christmas present? Churches normally struggle to make full use of the evangelists given to them by the Lord.

CCCVaT is helping churches to make full use of this gift. Many evangelists are quietly pioneering effective ways of bringing the Gospel to our communities. We can try programs and methods but God’s focus is different. God sends people to reach people and he sends evangelists to help us reach people. In other words, our first question should be “who?” rather than “how?”

Already we have discovered several gifted evangelists in CCCVaT churches contributing effectively in their local contexts. They go unnoticed, largely because they do not fit our historic stereotypes of evangelists. It is important that our understanding of these gifted people comes from the New Testament, not from television. It is also important that we become more intentional about pastoring potential evangelists. They are a great investment!

We are developing our processes for mobilising potential evangelists. As these processes gain traction, we expect to grow regional peer support groups for gifted evangelists. Each network will be equipped according to the learning that members want to undertake and the needs or opportunities in their context. We are discussing as a possibility a weekend retreat for new evangelists later this year.

This will be an invitation only event so please contact Conrad Parsons by emailing conrad@cccvat.com.au or call 0437082899.
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