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Church Activation, Renewal & Equipping Grant (CARE)

Church Activation, Renewal and Equipping Grant (CARE)
The suburbs and towns of Australia are experiencing unprecedented change fuelled mainly by ageing demographics, economics, immigration, property prices and cultural influences.
These factors are impacting on church attendance and churches ability to attract people. Public perception of religion has also experienced much negative press of late, diminishing the value of its teachings and influence.

As a result of these pressures and other mitigating factors some of our churches have suffered declines in attendance placing their viability at risk.

Hence the CARE grant is to assist with the funding of a Leader deemed capable of planting and or revitalising a church, whether instigated by a Leader, Church or CCCVaT. The church is to have a strategy that maps its goals and establishes Key Reporting Activities (KRA's) that can be measured, Key Performance Indicators KPI's.

The grant is available to associate churches and acknowledged community churches, is offered over a maximum period of three years on a declining basis and subject to the church meeting its KPI's.

Guidelines, an Application and Agreement are available to download.
CCCVaT-CARE-Guidelines-V6.pdf - 232 KB CCCVaT-CARE-Application-V5.docx - 669 KB CCCVaT-CARE-Agreement-V5.docx - 1126 KB
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